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Who are we

Welcome to

The Basement

The Basement is where all the action takes place. As the name suggests, our personal training exercise facility is located in the basement of our home and is the realization of head trainers, and Inspire owners, Ashlee and Mike.

Ashlee and Mike wanted to open their own private personal training studio away from the corporate stereotypes of the large chain gyms where maximizing profit is top of the agenda, and client experience is not. At Inspire, you’ll meet interesting like-minded people, make genuine life-long friends, and workout with some of the most dedicated health professionals in the business.

A safe haven for all shapes and sizes, fit or not so fit, and catering to absolutely every individual and their needs and goals, The Basement, at Inspire Health and Fitness is a judgment free community where people come to make themselves better. It’s a supportive and friendly atmosphere that helps with stress relief and promotes self-confidence, two key areas to address in the battle to becoming a healthier human being.

The basement is split into 2 sections.

The strength and conditioning studio forms the main workout space where you’ll lift weights, swing kettlebells, get down on the mats for core work, push the sled and attack the battle ropes.

Then there’s the Yoga/Pilates/Massage/Naturopathic studio where small group classes take place as well as private massages by our registered massage therapist and naturopathic appointments carried out by our naturopathic doctor. These appointments take place in the privacy and quiet of the smaller studio space, always praised for its inviting décor and warmth of the fireplace. When not in use, this section also doubles as the warm-up room, with spin bikes and mats for stretching or floor exercises.

Whatever your needs, whatever your goals you’ll find answers and solutions while in The Basement at Inspire Health and Fitness.


Ashlee started her career as a Personal Trainer in 2009, taking clients at a local gym. After a couple of years her goal of moving forward and opening her own space became a reality in a 250sqft room in her parents basement. She has since grown her business into a busy, well equipped and spacious 1100sqft personal training studio in the basement of her own home.

Ashlee has 9 years experience in personal training, is a Body Harmonics certified Pilates Instructor and is really, really, really strong!


Mike, an English trained physiotherapist and personal trainer, joined Ashlee in Toronto in 2010 after a chance meeting in Cuba. With a background in English Professional Soccer, Mike has a natural love for fitness, a genuine passion for helping others to realize that, and a really dry sense of humor!

Mike has 13 years personal training experience and has worked with a huge variety of clients and patients across a broad range of backgrounds and populations. From elite level professional soccer players to complex care physiotherapy patients, Mike has had an incredible 13-year career thus far that he’s very proud of, and hopes to continue to develop his skills and techniques for years to come.

What’s next for

Ashlee and Mike?

Ashlee and Mike are always looking to expand and grow both in professional and personal life. The opening of the larger gym space and re-branding of the business to Inspire Health and Fitness has brought with it the opportunity to take on new clients, add extra fitness coaches and introduce new professions to better service your needs, evolving us from a personal training provider into a well rounded health center.