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Inspire Community

Inspire Personal Training aims to deliver more than just a change to the number on the scales or the image you see in the mirror.

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Life is stressful and sometimes we just have to slow things down and bring some focus back to our mind and body.

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Pilates is a low impact form of exercise, which can be catered to all fitness levels from the beginner to the advanced.

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You’d be surprised at how many people first come to us because they are sick and tired of being constantly in pain.

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Meet the team

Personal Training, Pilates.

BFA, CPTN, Body Harmonics.

Personal Training, Sports Rehab.

Bsc Physiotherapy UK, CPT, RKC.


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Brian Drive, Toronto, ON M2J 3Y9, Canada

Call: 416-473-0900

Cell: 647-966-5338


Email: info@inspirehealthfit.com